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access clean energy with a strata shared system

One system, multiple users

If you live in a strata complex and are considering installing a solar system, there is a good chance that someone else within the complex is thinking the same thing.

Allume Energy have created a unique device that can now deliver power from a single solar system to multiple apartments.  Their SolShare device is the perfect option for strata blocks with six or more apartments.

Solar Share Project offer Allume Energy’s SolShare solution for apartments within the Sydney metro area. 

SolShare enables apartment owners and tenants to access clean energy at a cheaper overall cost than installing individual solar systems.

Fair power distribution for all

Each participant can receive the same share

Allume Energy have developed advanced software and algorithms so their SolShare device responds to each participating apartment’s power usage and is supplied by solar energy instantaneously.

Directing the solar to where it’s needed helps maximise self-consumption within the building and achieves more savings than you would typically see from a standard solar system.

How to make it happen

Four simple steps

There are many hurdles to jump through when getting solar approved and installed in a Strata titled property.  We have created processes that our in-house team use to make the entire process smooth.  Giving you the advantage of only dealing with one company from the initial request all the way through to post installation support. 

So, how does it work?

1. Expression of Interest

Register your interest with us for Allume Energy's SolShare.

2. Proposal & Offer

We will issue a solar proposal and assist with owner sign-up and Strata approvals.

3. Approvals & Installation

Once approvals are received and participants accept the final quote, the solar systems are procured and installed by our in-house team.

4. Post Installation

After installation, we will assist with any retail meter upgrades and make sure your system is operating properly. We continue to monitor the system and provide maintenance services.

Ready to find out more?

Power up with your neighbours and start enjoying clean energy

We are ready to help your strata community with a shared solar system solution. Get in touch with us today to start your solar journey.

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