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Residential Solar Systems

 For over four years, we have been helping Sydney homeowners reduce their electricity bills and minimise their impact on the environment. Using the latest in solar technology, we  design and install the highest quality solar solution suited for your energy needs. 

Qualified and experienced

Sydney Solar Providers

Our team leaders have over 15 years experience in the electrical industry.  We are a small business that provide a personal and professional service.  Solar Share Project’s residential services are provided by our in-house electrical design and installation teams.

Our design engineers and installation supervisors each hold Clean Energy Council (CEC) accreditation, which means you can rest assured that your project will be compliant with the Clean Energy Council’s guidelines.

Our staff proactively undertake training throughout the year on new products that have been released.  We receive specialised training from our key industry partners such as REC, Tesla, LG Chem, SolarEdge, Enphase, Sungrow and Clenergy. 

Solar made easy in

Four simple steps

Going solar can be confusing! We’ve done all the hard research and found the best products on the market, so you can trust that we will provide you with a quality system that suits your specific energy needs.

Let's start with the basics...
Creating the system proposal requires some general information, such as where you live and how you use your electricity throughout the day. Luckily, all this can be found on your last electricity bill.
System Design & Proposal
Our in-house CEC accredited Solar Design Engineers will use specialist design software to create your solar system solution. We will calculate the daily generation estimates, financial payback period and annual environmental benefits.

For complex projects, we create 3D models of the surrounding environment to see what impact shading will have on the solar system so you can be assured that you are getting the right system solution for your site specific conditions.

Approvals & Installation
Once an installation date has been set, we will organise all of the relevant network approvals for the works to proceed. On the installation date, our in-house electrical team will complete the install and you will then start enjoying the benefits of your solar system.
Post Installation
Our service doesn't finish after the installation, we will be on hand to help you with any questions or issues that may arise down the track. As part of our service, we continue to monitor your solar system to ensure it is performing exactly how it should be.
Not convinced that solar is the right choice for you?

Solar isn't just beneficial for your wallet, you're also supporting a clean energy future!

We understand that a solar system is a big investment and it is not an easy decision for some households.  You may think a solar system is just another addition to your home, but instead you should think about it as an investment that returns both financial and environmental benefits. 

Each year a standard 6.66kWp solar system in Sydney would generate:


in estimated savings

9126 kWh

of solar energy produced

3106 kg

of burnt coal avoided


Equivalent of trees planted

Estimate based on 35% self- consumption and 65% feed-in to the network grid with rates set as per Ausgrid network – Origin Energy’s Solar Boost plan ($0.86 daily supply charge, $0.28 import & $0.17 feed-in rate). Solar system performance based on 20% performance derating and panels angled at 10 degrees tilt with a direct North facing array.

Rest assured knowing you'll get the best

We only offer products that trust

We have spent countless hours researching and testing products on the market to narrow down the components that make our solar system solutions.  We only use products from manufacturers we trust and who engineer quality products suitable for the Australian homes.

Ready to make the move?

Join the thousands of Australian's who have made the change to clean energy

We are here ready to help you find your solar solution. Get in touch with us today to help start your solar journey.

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