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Commercial Solar

Installing a solar system for your business can provide sustainability benefits like no other investment.  A solar system has the ability to reduce operational costs, create brand exposure, and reduce your organisations environmental impact. 

Using the latest in solar technology, we help our customers by designing and installing the quality solar solution suited for your energy needs.  

Take advantage of the generous Federal Government Small-scale Technology Certificate (STC’s) program and the instant asset write-off scheme.  Now is the time to invest in a solar system solution for your business. 

Not convinced that solar is the right choice for your business?

Solar isn't just beneficial for your wallet, you're also supporting a clean energy future!

We understand that a solar system is a big investment. However, a solar system for a business is the perfect solution to offsetting your daytime electricity usage.  Most businesses consume 80% of their base load during sunlight hours, so it just makes sense that your business should be benefitting from solar generation.  Solar is an investment that returns both financial and environmental benefits. 

For example, a typical small commercial system in Sydney would generate each year:


in estimated savings

40 MWh

of solar energy produced

13,765 kg

of burnt coal avoided


Equivalent of trees planted

Estimate based on a 20kW array with 85% self- consumption and 15% feed-in to the network grid with rates set as per Ausgrid network – Origin Energy’s Solar Boost plan. Solar system performance based on 10% performance derating and panels angled at 25 degrees tilt with a direct North facing array.

Solar made easy in

Five simple steps

Going solar can be confusing, which is why we take a simplified approach to getting the perfect solar solution for your business.  We’ve done all the hard research and found the best products on the market, so you can trust that we will provide you with a quality system which will make the most savings for your business.

Our in-house commercial team will provide the end to end services for your project, meaning there will be one point of contact from start to finish.

Energy Assessment
Understanding your daily consumption profile is the key to determining what size solar system your business will need. We will review your current arrangement and identify where a solar system can create savings for your business. Additionally, we will identify other areas for improvement such as implementing Power Factor Correction (PFC), energy efficient lighting upgrades, or even renegotiating your existing electricity tariff to more appropriate rates.
System Proposal Report & Customer Acceptance
Our system proposal will provide you with the critical data to help make your investment decision. We provide an accurate and detailed solar generation estimates which will help your business understand how much grid import energy will offset. We also detail key financial performance indicators such as the return on investment (ROI), net present value (NPV), internal rate of return (IRR) and simple payback period.
Detailed Design & Approvals
Our in-house design engineering team will finalise the system design and apply for the necessary approvals with the local council and distribution network service provider (DNSP). During this time we will also finalise all WHS management documentation and the construction program so your site manager has a clear understanding of how and when the works will be undertaken.
Installation & Commissioning
The installation and commissioning works will all be performed by our in-house team. Depending on the size of the system, this could take 2-6 weeks to complete. Once installed, we will finalise all quality compliance and safety checks before placing the system into service.
Post Installation Services
The service does not stop once the system is running. We continue to monitor and maintain your system each year to ensure you are receiving the most generation out of your investment.
There are three key financing options to consider when investing in a solar solution. 

Solar Financing Solutions

Power Purchasing Agreement

Our Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) contract is a great option for businesses that want to take advantage of solar energy without having to own or outlay any capital for the system.

A PPA is a contract to purchase supplementary solar energy at a fixed rate which is less than what you would be paying from your normal retailer.

Equipment Lease Arrangement

The solar lease option eliminates the upfront capital  outlay for the solar system and instead stages the payback costs over 5-10 year period. The benefit of this option is that you can balance your energy savings and loan repayments which allows your business to be cash flow positive outcome from day one.

We can introduce you to one of our preferred partners that can offer low cost financing options to help get you started.

Capital Investment Funding Option

For businesses with access to low-cost capital or even government small business grants, purchasing a solar system as a part of your annual capital works can deliver the fastest return on investment.

This method allows you to take immediate ownership of all associated system assets.

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